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Celebrating 20 Years
of Outstanding Embroidery

Grand Rapids Embroidery was originally established in 2003 as Bucovina Embroidery & Design by craftswoman Cynthia Lehman honoring her mother’s heritage from this beautiful artisan region in Romania.

As word spread of the quality of her embroidery, her client base also grew, as did the needs for upgrades and more equipment. Since the opening of the embroidery studio, it has been a priority to invest in solid design programs and operating software with state-of-the-art equipment that delivers outstanding performance, efficiency, and stitch quality. These improvements and expanded equipment purchases have allowed Cynthia to respond more fluidly in today’s market whether producing digitized lettering, corporate logos, or artisan designs throughout West Michigan. Hence, the birth of Grand Rapids Embroidery!

While Bucovina Embroidery & Design originally honored a community deep within Cynthia’s heritage, Grand Rapids Embroidery celebrates that original commitment to superior quality craftsmanship and service and looks to the future.

In 2022, a friend, designer, and client since 2009, showed interest in learning more about the embroidery craft and business. With thoughts toward retirement, Cynthia offered to mentor Courtenay Oosterman and personally teach the trade techniques she has honed over the past 19 years and ultimately sell Courtenay her business to continue the tradition of quality craftsmanship Grand Rapids Embroidery is known for.

Courtenay Oosterman brings 30+ years of experience in, and passion for, branding and identity building as a graphic designer and creative director with multifaceted skills to continue developing first-rate products while growing Grand Rapids Embroidery’s reputation with our valued clients through their branded goods. 

We hope you continue to allow us to serve you for all your embroidery and branding needs. We have wonderful partners for goods and apparel to offer the latest product options – and as you support us, we aim to give back to our community.


Thank you wholeheartedly for your business!
Cheers to another 20 years of shared success!

Grand Rapids Embroidery – aka GR Embroidery (GRE) – providing high-quality, custom, corporate embroidery and heat press services with a passion for design while serving our clients to strengthen their brand and identity.

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Grand Rapids Embroidery
301 Greenwich Rd NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506


[email protected]

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